Real-Estate Agent Beginner: Sales Training 101

Real-Estate Agent Beginner: Sales Training 101

Real-estate agent beginners often have times finding the necessary real-estate sales training. It literally blows my mind how complicated people have made real-estate sales. Remember this: When people make things wayyyyy more complicated they are usually trying to rip you off! Sales is like working out. There’s no secret to it. You lift weights consistently for long periods of time, your muscles will grow. In sales, you consistently practice the fundamentals of sales, your bank account will get big.

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There are just 3 main sales processes: FINDING, DEVELOPING, CLOSING

Finding (The “seeker”)
Finding = Getting in front of people that want to buy or sell real-estate. Finding people that want to buy or sell real-estate is the most difficult part of the sales process. ANYWAY of prospecting will be arduous, time-consuming, and will annoy people. You can’t beat the system by finding the “perfect” prospecting method (Trust me I’ve tried). You will always wage the war between very “targeted” and “broad” ways of finding leads.

Very “targeted” ways of finding real-estate leads include (MORE competition “Your the 5th realtor that’s called!”)

High-equity owners
Absentee Owners

Very “broad” ways of finding real-estate leads: (LESS Comeptition “How did you get this number? Don’t call back!”)

Power dialing entire subdivisions
Going up to random people on the street (I don’t recommend)

The trick is to simply get in contact with these people. It could literally anyway including phone calls, mail, social media, and even e-mail. If you choose to prospect more targeted prospects, the competition is tough since there’s fewer. If you prospect a “broad” method, there’s less competition but you will have to prospect in higher numbers.

2. Developing (“People person”)

Developing occurs after you have found a “Yes” and put them in your database. This person could be a FSBO, a buyer you meet at an open house, or an investor you met at a networking event. What matter is that you got a “yes” and put them in your database! Developing is where the cheesy quote “the fortune is in the follow-up” comes from. You essentially want to contact this person 5-7 times before they decide to make a decision.

You found a prospect that wants to sell cold calling
Send them a letter thanking them for their time
Follow up a few weeks later with a just sold
Send an e-mail with some market information (That pertains to them only)
Holiday card.

Congratulations you just “touched” the prospect 6 times. They will probably use you as an agent when they do decide to sell!

3. Closing (The “persuader”)

Being a good closer means that you can handle objections well. This is the person that really studies sales and practices scripts every night before going to bed.

Having a great listing presentation
Handling people that want you to reduce commission
Finding and scheduling a time to meet.
Getting the prospect to “sign on the line that is dotted!”