Should You Invest In Indianapolis Real Estate Given The Current Market Situation?

Many people want to know these days if investing in Indianapolis real estate is a good idea or not. Is it profitable? It can be profitable, but it has to be approached the right way. Of course, the right way to approach real estate investing can depend on what the market situation is at the time. That can certainly make you think if you’re just getting started as a real estate investor.

So what do you need to know if you’re just getting started in real estate? A good first rule of thumb for today’s market would be to realize that not every property is going to be an invest and flip property. That is the case actually with every market, but even more so nowadays. Property values are on the rise, but so are interest rates now. Furthermore, people are still hesitant when it comes to real estate in general, as the market is still recovering.

Considering the Indianapolis market is in recovery, this is a good time for real estate investors to get started. They can grow with the market. Are you ready to grow with the market? What type of properties are you looking to invest in in the first place? Are you wanting to just dip your toes in with one property, or are you wanting to get started with multiple properties? Are you going to invest in residential, commercial or both?

There’s quite a few real estate gurus that take full advantage of when a local real estate market crashes. It’s the perfect time for an experience real estate investor to sweep in, buy up as many properties as possible at a low price, and simply wait for the market to bounce back and sell for massive profit. Local Indianapolis real estate professional, Ryan Dossey, is a great example of this strategy. He runs Christopher Ellyn Homes, a real estate company that specializes in buying ugly Indianapolis homes for cash. Whenever the market dips, he pounces on the opportunity and profits later.

There are certainly other investment choices out there so what makes real estate investing a good idea? How to approach it as a new real estate investor has been mentioned. But is there a better choice? Maybe real estate investing can be a part of your investing strategy. How does it fit in?

That is probably what you are still trying to figure out right now. But maybe your first step when it comes to real estate investing is becoming clearer. You just want to make sure that you make the right purchases. This involves many factors for sure, and so you need all your ducks in a row before you start building your real estate portfolio. You have to think about location, property maintenance fees, taxes and all kinds of different things.

In other words, you have to decide if investing in Indianapolis real estate is wise personally for you. It might be a good time to invest in real estate in general, but you still have to see how it fits into your investing plan. Building a real estate portfolio can be a long term venture. How old are you? That is something you need to think about as you go into real estate business.

Once you get started, all the building blocks will have been in place. That’s a good metaphor for a real estate business. Are you ready to get to building? Build, build, build that real estate portfolio and turn the profits. Just make sure again that you always look at each purchase closely and make a wise decision.

Realtor Calling For Sale By Owner – Best Real Estate Coaching & Training

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Realtor Calling For Sale By Owner – Best Real Estate Coaching & Training

Should You Pay for an Expensive Real Estate Education Course?

Should You Pay for an Expensive Real Estate Education Course?

The Guru Trap

No doubt, you have seen expensive coaching and training programs advertised on late-night television or Internet banner ads. Real estate gurus claim to be able to teach you to become filthy rich through real estate investing. Is this real? Can you really learn from these guys?

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The Best Real Estate Scripts that Get Appointments: The Power of Frames – Kevin Ward

The Best Real Estate Scripts that Get Appointments: The Power of Frames – Kevin Ward

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To hear more of Kevin’s training on audio, check out his weekly podcast:

In this video Kevin talks about real estate scripts that work to help you get more appointments by using positive frames which is an NLP technique that is very important to understand.

Have you ever heard someone one say (or thought to yourself), real estate scripts all sound pretty much the same?” It’s true. And it’s also true that most cars really look pretty much the same too! Right?

It’s the differences that matter. It’s the differences that make one new car worth ,000 and another new car the exact same size worth 0,000. (Almost sounds like the difference in some real agents’ incomes. Both may work hard, but somehow one gets dramatically different results.


Obviously the primary goal of using scripts is to get, “Yes.” It’s to inspire (or convince) a prospect to say “yes”…to set an appointment with you, or to list their house with you, or to sign a contract to buy or sell a piece of real estate. Scrips are simply strategic conversation maps designed to lead to the “yes.”

So…if you want to become more effective at getting appointments, and listings and sales, become better at know what to say and how to say it to inspire more “yes’s.” That’s where the power of verbal frames can help…if you understand how to use them. Frames is a term often used in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program), that basically refers to how words and language “frames” a thought, feeling, or any communication.

In the video blog, I explain in detail the right way and the wrong way to use frames and give more examples. Here is a basic overview:

WRONG: Using negative frames.

Never create a negative frame in your conversation. A negative frame is basically assuming or speaking an outcome that you don’t want. It is casting your question or statement as if you are expecting or preparing for a negative response (in other words, a response that you don’t want).

Here are some examples of some common negative frames in real estate conversations or scripts:

“You’re probably not looking to move right now….but when do you think…”

“I’m sure you’re already getting swarmed by agents calling you…so I just wanted…”

I know you’re sick and tired of hearing from agents…so I’ll make this brief…”

“Would you be terribly offended…if I asked for your phone number?”

“I know you’re not going to like hearing this…but…”

“Sorry to bug you….”

Here is the universal law that is at work here: You tend to get what you expect. And it’s true in business and in life and in relationships and in everything…you tend to get what you expect. So why would you speak as if you are expecting an undesired outcome?


1. Repeat and affirm their statement.

Now, If they say a negative statement first…then it’s perfectly appropriate to acknowledge their statement by repeating and affirming their thoughts or feelings. When you reflect back their statement and acknowledge it, you are bringing yourself in alignment with them. In other words, you are getting on their side! And that is very powerful. They created the negative frame, you you are simply connecting with them through their statement.

2. Reframe to a desired outcome.

Now that you’ve connected with them, you can now begin to influence or lead them by reframing the conversation to a desired outcome. In other words by bringing up an outcome that they do want and that you can help them achieve.

Watch the video for some great examples of how to put this into action in your business.

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How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent: Average Agent vs Top Agent (Part 1)

How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent: Average Agent vs Top Agent (Part 1)

How to become a top real estate agent. The path is simple, but not easy. You must be very persistent. You must have a system you follow. You must believe. This series will dive deeper into exactly what it takes to become a great agent that not only loves their work, but that is extremely profitable.


WHAT THEY DIDN’T TEACH YOU IN REAL ESTATE SCHOOL – And Why Most Agents Fail What they didn’t teach you in real estate school. Tips For New Agents.
Every week your coach Borino answers questions about generating leads, prospecting, getting more good listings, earning more commissions while helping more clients. What it takes to be a successful real estate agent. This week’s question is from Taylor who is about to enter the business:
A new real estate agent (or soon to be) asks:
Trying to get a grasp of the realty business and hoping to be able to truly flourish whenever I start. I’m currently on the end of my enlistment in the Navy and looking to get out and pursue something that I can be truly passionate in, I believe that to be Real estate. I have about 4 months until I get out and I’m currently in the Chicago area. My wife and I are considering making the move to Washington to be closer to family but have strongly considered staying in the Chicago area as to avoid the heavy cost of moving and starting somewhere new. My question mainly resides in what’s the best way to get started? My wife is 3 months pregnant and with a baby on the way I feel that I need to work my ass off as to be able to provide for my family, a 9-5 job just cant do it and it’s, simply speaking, something I’ve never been interested in. I’m ready to put in the work and I have the drive to be able to provide for my family. Any tips, tricks, or just general information would be amazing. Anything helps, thank you!

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Real-Estate Agent Beginner: Sales Training 101

Real-Estate Agent Beginner: Sales Training 101

Real-estate agent beginners often have times finding the necessary real-estate sales training. It literally blows my mind how complicated people have made real-estate sales. Remember this: When people make things wayyyyy more complicated they are usually trying to rip you off! Sales is like working out. There’s no secret to it. You lift weights consistently for long periods of time, your muscles will grow. In sales, you consistently practice the fundamentals of sales, your bank account will get big.

Read more on the blog:

There are just 3 main sales processes: FINDING, DEVELOPING, CLOSING

Finding (The “seeker”)
Finding = Getting in front of people that want to buy or sell real-estate. Finding people that want to buy or sell real-estate is the most difficult part of the sales process. ANYWAY of prospecting will be arduous, time-consuming, and will annoy people. You can’t beat the system by finding the “perfect” prospecting method (Trust me I’ve tried). You will always wage the war between very “targeted” and “broad” ways of finding leads.

Very “targeted” ways of finding real-estate leads include (MORE competition “Your the 5th realtor that’s called!”)

High-equity owners
Absentee Owners

Very “broad” ways of finding real-estate leads: (LESS Comeptition “How did you get this number? Don’t call back!”)

Power dialing entire subdivisions
Going up to random people on the street (I don’t recommend)

The trick is to simply get in contact with these people. It could literally anyway including phone calls, mail, social media, and even e-mail. If you choose to prospect more targeted prospects, the competition is tough since there’s fewer. If you prospect a “broad” method, there’s less competition but you will have to prospect in higher numbers.

2. Developing (“People person”)

Developing occurs after you have found a “Yes” and put them in your database. This person could be a FSBO, a buyer you meet at an open house, or an investor you met at a networking event. What matter is that you got a “yes” and put them in your database! Developing is where the cheesy quote “the fortune is in the follow-up” comes from. You essentially want to contact this person 5-7 times before they decide to make a decision.

You found a prospect that wants to sell cold calling
Send them a letter thanking them for their time
Follow up a few weeks later with a just sold
Send an e-mail with some market information (That pertains to them only)
Holiday card.

Congratulations you just “touched” the prospect 6 times. They will probably use you as an agent when they do decide to sell!

3. Closing (The “persuader”)

Being a good closer means that you can handle objections well. This is the person that really studies sales and practices scripts every night before going to bed.

Having a great listing presentation
Handling people that want you to reduce commission
Finding and scheduling a time to meet.
Getting the prospect to “sign on the line that is dotted!”

How to Pass the Real Estate License Exam – Tips

How to Pass the Real Estate License Exam – Tips

Tips and insight for the salesperson real estate license exam in California. What you can expect and some things you can do to increase your chances in passing.


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