How to Succeed as a Part-Time Realtor – Kevin Ward

How to Succeed as a Part-Time Realtor – Kevin Ward

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In this video, Kevin explains the 5 Keys to Being Successful as a part-time real estate agent. The first thing to understand is that whether an agent is part-time or full-time, you have the responsibility to be professional and competent.

Succeeding part time is tough…but you can do it. Here are the 5 Keys:
1. Be part-time, not “some-time.” Have a schedule to make that happen and follow it.
2. Have a plan and definite timeframe to go full-time.
(6 months maximum.)
3. Lead generate and follow up every day.
4. Practice and train every day.
5. Get a full-time agent to work with or to help you.
You need a mentor anyway. Work WITH them, not for them.
Don’t lose deals out of greed. Split the money, close more deals. Get more experience. Get more deals.

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