My love, you know you are my best friend.
You know that I'd do anything for you
And my love, let nothing come between us.
My love for you is strong and true.
Sarah McLachlan

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Janel Mink '90 Tremper
Erik Bryant '91 Bradford

Jackie Stoebe '80 Tremper
Ron Benhoff  '72 Bradford

We have been married since 1987. We have one son, Chris, 17 and live in Phoenix, AZ.

Peggy Sampson  '95 Tremper
Michael Miller Bradford

Married on  January 5, 2002 in Kenosha

Rich Preston,'82 Tremper '
Sherry Lewis, '82 Bradford

Sherry and I met in 1982 as members of Burger King's (by Kmart) original crew.  I was a fry cook and she was a cashier.  We've been together ever since.  Being in the Navy, we've been lot's of places:  Greece, Florida twice, Texas, California twice, and Virginia.  Twenty years, two kids, a dog, a couple cats, a mini van and a few goldfish later ==> we are still the same couple that met at Burger King!

Jane E. Meyers  '77  Tremper
Ronald J. "Stats" Statema  74, Bradford

"Their paths crossed several times since the early '70's and after man years of living in the Chicago 'burbs, Jane returned to Kenosha and they finally "connected" at church during a rehearsal for a Christmas musical
in late 1999. Friends first, they fell in love soon after and were married August 5, 2000 in Las Vegas with a big church wedding and reception in October that year. They share a home and businesses in Kenosha, including Statema Construction and Design and Stress Survival Wellness Products. Ron has three children: Ryan (Bradford grad) just graduated from UW-Madison, Brett is finishing his Freshman year at Tremper and Kristy attends Curtis Strange Elementary and will be in fifth grade this fall. Still newlyweds, they look forward to many happy years ahead"

Daniel Pois l '92 Bradford
Tracie Frank  '91 Tremper

Dan and I met through a mutual friend at a party in 1991.We had our
wedding on May 24th, 1997 and we have been together ever since. We
currently live in Kenosha and have two beautiful daughter together:
Madison (2 1/2) and Bryanna (10 months)

Cindy Coleman '77 Tremper
John Grueter '75 Bradford

We met in '77 at Parkside in Larry Logan's Accounting Principles class. We were married in 1980 and now have two wonderful children. Dana, 16 and John, 14. Still happily married and living in Kenosha.

Krissy Burns '96 Tremper
David Ambrose '90 Bradford

We met while we were working at Shopko here in Kenosha. It was an  instant connection. We fell in love and have been together since. Dave and I were married August 22, 1998 and are living happily ever after.

Joanne Graf  '77
Vince Belotti '71

We are still in Kenosha, and have two sons and a daughter named Angela who graduated from Bradford in 2000.

Rick Franzen '74 Tremper
Nancy Frederick '75  Bradford

Nancy and I started going "steady" on Nov. 7th 1970 and are still together. We married on July 23rd 1976 and this year (2001) we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We both work at  Snap-on Tools World Headquarters in Kenosha. We have two fantastic children Erica and Kyle.  Both of them are as smart as their mom. You know how smart she is????? Hey! she married me didn't she?

Kelly Hauptmann '91 Tremper
Oscar Santos 91' Bradford

Ironically Oscar and I met in July 1999, while I was living in Oshkosh, WI
and he was living in Racine, WI. We married on December 25, 1999 and are now
living in Kenosha.

Bill Koos   '70 Tremper
Sue Gerber '70 Bradford

Bill and I met at Town and Country Lounge. We married in 1982. We not only
went to seperate high schools but we live in seperate cities in Texas and
commute 435 miles.

We have 3 boys, Andrew, Chad and Matthew, 1 girl, Meghan  and one
granddaughter, Tabitha. Our son Matt goes to Haltom High School in Haltom
City, TX and our daughter Meghan goes to Richland High School in Richland,

Brian Gahart '90 Bradford
JoLin Schmitz '91 Tremper

Terry Sockness '80 Tremper
Mike Schaitel  '79 Bradford

Marilyn Preiss '78 Tremper
Art Thompson '77 Bradford

We met at UW- Parkside and both graduated from there in 1982. When the discussion of highschools comes up we like to slam the other's school.

Keith Anderson, Jr.Tremper '94
Katie M. Rader '94 Bradford

Keith and I met 2 weeks after graduation and have been together ever since.  We married in April of 1998 and live in Kenosha.

Dusty Nichols '89  Bradford
Melinda Vagnoni '91  Tremper

Dusty and I married June 3, 1995.  We are still living in Kenosha and  have a  daughter Samantha,  2 years old and a son Quaid, 1 years old.

John W. Ryshkus '73 Tremper
Wanda Adrion '73 Bradford

John and I have been married since 1975. We live in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

Wayne Miller '62 Bradford
Suzanne Smith '66 Tremper

We have been married 29 years and have two grown children. We left Kenosha several years ago and now live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It is always fun to go home and visit Kenosha.

Joyce E. Taylor '72 Tremper
Paul Last '72 Bradford

Joyce and Paul married in 1973. They have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Bob Ewald ''78 Tremper
Debbie Fifer ''79 Bradford

Debbie and I met on St. Patrick's Day, 1984, at the infamous Sunnyside Club. We married in 1985 and just celebrated our 15th anniversary. We have two sons, Nick 12, and Joe 10, as well as Josie our 12 year old Black Lab. We still reside in Kenosha and enjoy attending sporting events at both Tremper and Bradford with our boys. Bob cheers for Tremper while Debbie stays true to Bradford. The boys are still neutral but will eventually attend
Bradford themselves.

Dave Wermske '84  Bradford
Lori Hartnell  '84 Tremper

Dave and I met at Gateway the  fall of 1984.  We were married August 24th, 1991 and now have two kids,  Megan 3/24/95 and Justin 6/18/97.

Gene Desotell '70 Tremper
Trish Tapley '71 Bradford

Joy Berry '86  Tremper
Eddie Uttech '83 Bradford

We were married on August 19, 1989.  Almost 11 years now.  We have two boys:  Steven who is 9 and Ty who will be 6 in November.

DebbieLea '77 Tremper
Rick Appleby '81 Bradford

 We are both very proud of our high schools.

Joni Greb '71 Tremper
Joe Schweitzer '68  Bradford

We were married in Oundle, England. I left Tremper over Christmas vacation my senior year and flew to London to marry Joe . He was stationed in England with the U.S Air Force. This January we will celebrate our 30th anniversary.

Nancy Koch '79 Tremper
Robert Glaman '80  Bradford

Married in 1987

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